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Tommys Antiques Under construction
Ive picked these up over the years.
1940 clapping monkey and 1960 gold star pam clock.

Vintage comic book Buck Rogers and Felix the Cat.

1940/50 Railroad toy and vintage Frostie rootbeer thermometer.

Maxwell house coffee thermometer and a vintage crane toy.

Vintage Rexall Thermometer and 3 ft Coke button.

Bud neon sign and cigg sign.

Circus poster and metal ciggerette sign.

Clown and clocks.

Coke thermometer and ad, coke bottle thermometer,Pam clock, 3 ft Coke button.

Vintage Coke ice chest and Dick Tracy collection.

Vintage Dr Pepper pam clock and I30 Badge.

Vintage Pepsi cap and Pullman railroad water jug.

Vintage Royal crown cola thermometers.

Vintage 7 up stadium carrier and teem thermometer.

Vintage Wyandotte crane scoop toy and vintage beatles whistle promo and fan club pin.

Vintage coke stadium carrier and rubber cars.

Vintage flash gordon atomic blaster and big ben alarm clock.

Vintage masons door push and tom jars.

Pepsi chalk board and mason rootbeer bottle.

Vintage Dr pepper clock and vintage poster with me as co star.

Vintage Pig toy and Buck rodgers helment.

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