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Backyard Birds From Keene Texas
Birds I've photographed over time.
Black Crested Tit Mouse and a juvenile Coopers Hawk.

Female Ruby Throated Humming Bird and a Male Black Chinned Humming Bird.

Juvenile Mississippi Kitt and an adult Male Ruby Throated Humming Bird.

Adult Black Chin Humming bird and a Blue Jay.

Juvenile male Yellow Rumped Warbler and a Male Red Bellied Woodpecker.

Male Eastern Bluebird in flight male and an adult Female Red Ruby Humming Dird.

Chickadee's and a Male Red Bellied Woodpecker.

Bewick's Wren and a Juvenile Male Ruby Throated Humming Bird.

Male Eastern Blue Bird and a Carolina Chickadee.

A Phoebe and a adult Female Eastern Bluebird.

Just fledged male juvenile Eastern Blue Bird and a male Northern Cardinal.

a juvenile Female Northern Cardinal and a Greater Brown Gnat Catcher.

A male Juvenile Northern Cardinal and a Male House Finch.

Male Downy Woodpecker and a Female Downy Woodpecker.

Berwick's wren and a Crested Tit Mouse.

Red shouldered Hawk and a Female Yellow Warbler.

Two Ruby Throated Hummers on the feeder. and a Mocking Bird.

Rufus Hummingbird and a Waxed Wing.

Adult Mississippi Kitt in a pine tree and a adult male Ruby Throated Hummingbird.

Brown Crested flycatcher and a American goldfinch.

A baby eating a mealworm on his own and Momma Blue Bird feeding her baby a mealworm.

Four hummers feeding on one feeder and an adult American Robin.

Goldfinches on a power wire and a fence.

Wren born with bad eye but opened up now and a Mississippi Kitt.

Same Juvenile Black Chinned Humming Bird but as he turned he showed his purple feathers on his gorget.

Juvenile Ruby Throated Humming Bird and Juvenile Black Chinned Humming bird with deformed bill.

Adult male Ruby Throated Humming Bird and a Adult Black Chinned Humming Bird.

Mississippi Kitt and a Crested Titmouse.

Juvenile Male Northern cardinal and a Crested Titmouse.

Male house Finch beside a White Winged Dove and a juvenile Northern Cardnial.

Juvenile and adult Black Chinned Humming Bird.

Diane's pic of a Red Bellied Woodpecker and a juviniel Ruby Throated Humming Bird.

Fly catcher Scissortail and Male Ruby Throated Humming Bird.

Mississippi Kites.

Male Ruby Throated Humming Birds in the plum tree and at a feeder.

Juvenile Blue Jay and a Mocking Bird Drying its wings while hunting for bugs.

Adult Ruby Throated Humming Bird and a Juvenile Male red Ruby Humming Bird with Heart Shaped Feathers on its gorget.

Blue Jays in the Tree next door. In the one pic on right can you guess which one is the female?

Juvenile Mississippi Kitts in a tree after a storm passes.

Adult Ruby Throated Humming Bird on feeder and same on a tree limb.

Juvinile female Downy Wood Pecker on the suet logs and Male Ruby Throated Humming Bird in trees.

Male Ruby Throated Hamming Bird on the top plum tree branch and on the feeder.

Juvenile Mississippi Kite and a Northern Male Cardinal.

Male Red Bellied Wood Pecker and a Ruby Throated humming Bird.

Ruby Throated Humming Bird and a Scissor Tail Fly Catcher..

Scissor Tail Fly Catcher and a female northern cardinal.

Male northern cardinal and a male house finch..

Orange crested warbler and a European starling.

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