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Follow these links for help and to see others Astrophotography.

This site is good for beginners or really anyone that wants just about any info on the solar system ,comets ,Planets ,satellites ,stars..etc. they need. School projects ...well this is the place, data for your web site ..its here!
ERIC TODD's Planetary Webcam Page So, whats the secret behind these images? Click here to find out. This new site by Eric show's you his techniques , He's from Salem in the Northeast U.S.. He's got some great shots here, Maybe we can get the same results if we use some of his skills!
SoHO SoHo - The Suns surface right now / Sun spots / Exploring the Sun / Space weather /Space wind
Calsky Astronomical Observer- The most complete astronomical observation and information online - calculator on the planet
Ed Roach Edward Roach - Ed uses a meade 8" LX90 and a firewall camera to turn out some great shots of the planets. He just got a atik-1c 1/4" Planet /Deepspace ccd camera. I cant wait to see his deepspace images!
Tom How Tom How - Welcome to The Curdridge Observatory.The majority of our astronomy and imaging is done using SC1 and SC3 long exposure modified toucam webcams, Artemis CCD cameras and standard reflecting telescopes in Curdridge, Southampton, UK
Space Weather Space weather - all kinds of data / Whats up in space
Tommy Hartline Digital Astronomy / Misc. photos from clouds/sunsets/shuttle re-entrys/ etc.
Castle Point Castle Point Astronomy Club - where is the GRS ? Go Here!
ALL ABOUT SPACE - Lots of good answers to alot of good questions!

Dave Nash Dave has lots of tutorials.check out his Processing Techniques. He uses the Phiilps Toucam pro and the Phillips vesta cameras just to name a few.

Astronomical Applications - Transites/Eclipse/Moon Phases/Sunrise-set Times/Moonrise-set Times/Data for solar system bodies& bright stars/Too much info to list here!

Neil Phillips Neil uses the Meade 7" F/15 Maksutov and a Meade 16" dob with his Phillips sps9oo CCD camera. Neil resides in Craford Kent in the U.K.

JAN TIMMERMANS -Images and tutorials for the begginer, A highly recommended site!All images and text are the property of Jan Timmermans©
Solar system simulator, what the planets look like from Earth in real time or a year ago or in the future!