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Space Rock's
Ive picked these up over the years...some have traveled from one end of the galaxy to the other.
Canyon Diablo is one of the most famous meteorites of all. It fell in Arizona about 300 years ago leaving a crater 4,000 feet across and 600 feet deep. Upon impact, the meteorite is believed to have vaporized, and fragments were thrust as far away as 11 miles. Although the composition is 90% iron and 10% nickle,traces of platinum and black diamonds have been found in these specimens. The Two Large Meteorites on left weighs 310.0 grams Total Weight / One on right about 12.0 grams.

Gibeon is an unusal and beautiful meteorite. It comes from a very desolate area in the Namibian Desert( AFRICA) where it has one of the largest strewnfields know ( over 275 kilometes long ) . Most specimens show flight markings and evidence of a violent atmospheric breakup. As the meteorite was torn apart, the internal structure suffered severe changes, including shear deformation, faulting and other distortions to the crystalline structure, seen in the "Widmanstatten Pattern". This pattern can clearly be seen after cold working the metal by cutting and etching. High nickle content, a low number of inclusions and a very homogenous pattern make a Gibeon an excellent materil to work with. Natives in the area have used this cosmic material to make spear points, assagais and other weapons through out the century. They also make jewelry. The one on the left has been cut the shape of a guitar pic, I had a gold ring put thru it so i could wear it on my chain and the Two on the right are just as they were found.

On the left is the Henbury from Australia, Henbury was found in 1931 in the Northern Territory of Australia and is classified as a medium octahedrite . Meteorites from Austalia are getting hard to find since they can no longer be exported out of the country.

On the right is 2 fragments of Martian Basalt also known as Zagami. Blasted off the surface of the planet Mars by a huge meteorite strike on the Martain surface a very long time ago, fell in Nigeria in a farmers field in 1962. These specimens have come a long way and has spent 180 million years traveling in space. This is actual soil from the planet Mars

On the left is a Meteorite found in South America by a professor from Columbia University , Has some out side rust- weighs in at 277 grams.

Nantan an Iron meteorite recorded in 1516 A.D.- Discovered as a meteorite in 1958 in Liu Town and the Ladan and Bay area, China. It's been cleaned and polished and weighs 228 grams. The Nantan meteorite fell as a shower of pieces distributed over an area of approximatly 12 miles.

This Imilac is a small Stoney-Iron Pallasite first found in the Atacama Desert of South America in 1822.It's the one on the left.

The one on the right is a Saharan meteorite, found in the Sahara desert in spring in 1999, The Sahara desert is located in Africa. This one is an L6 class and weighs in at 19.22 grams

This one on the left is a two pound Meteorite made of iron/nickle.


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