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How to shoot avis (video) with my non motorized dob.

Shooting with a non motorized dob is possible, its work...lots of work ,but once you get your ducks in a row its easy. check out my images, Its worth it! This is my first tutoril and its still under construction, responses are welcome, hope this helps someone thats getting started , send responses to Hope this helps!

GETTING STARTED: I take my Computer Cart and Scope. out side and set up . I set the scope next to the PC so I can look thru the telescope and look and control the PC at the same time. After getting set up, below is how I capture a video, save the video and edit it, be patient and I hope your results are as good as mine. Ive added images to help, just click on the appropriate link.

  1. I use the amcap software, it came with Neximager. I click the Amcap Icon and open it up. right now its a black screen with a tool bar
  2. at the top. I aim my scope at the selected object and aim it so the object will pass in front of the camera ,preferrably dead center of the screen but its not dead center thru the scope, its top right thru the scope. Dead center on the scope will put the object out of the cameras view. So put the object top right thru the scope, Now practice getting the object to show up on the screen where you want it and you will see what I mean and then figure out where to aim the scope so it passes in front of the camera. You may need to make some setting adjustments so you can see the object ( see video capture filter below).I take the gain and shutter speed up all the way then as it passes I lower them till they are focused. Now we can get serious and take a video !
  3. Open Amcap and on the tool bar click" Options" then the video capture filter.
  4. setting. Here you set your brightness/gamma/gain and shutter speed. I usually get the object in view then set the shutter speed and gain. It may take several passes to do this but..after all its not tracking. After adjusting those settings I click "apply" then "ok".
  5. Now Its time to try to capture the object on video, but first you may want to set the Frame and Time Rate
  6. .Setting the time limit will stop the video for you when it reaches the end of the time limit, the frame rate is how many frames it shoots in a sec. (FPS) I prefer 10 to 12 FPS. Now that you have made your settings adjustment you can prepare to shoot the video. On the tool bar click"Capture then Start Capture", your ready to capture the video now. I aim my scope at the selected object, when the object starts to pass in front of the camera click the "OK" button and it will start capturing the video. As the object starts crossing the screen I click "Capture" on the tool bar and click Stop Capture as it leaves the other side of the screen and out of sight. Now you have captured the video, its still in Amcap so lets save it to the desktop /or a folder.
  7. At the tool bar click "File" then Save Captured Video.
  8. Save it on the desktop or as I do I make a folder before I start capturing and save it in that folder. After that I use Registax and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to edit.