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How to use Virtual Dub after amcap

If you have any failures while trying to run a video thru Registax, run it thru Virtual Dub and it should prevent (fix) any problems.

  1. Open V.D. at the tool bar at the top "click on" File /open video file / open
  2. . when you click open video file and you highlight your video, your avi will open up in the V.D. screen area.
  3. Then click on File / Save as AVI
  4. when you click save as avi , under the file name save it under a different name, like mine, I saved my original avi as Mizar. then when I ran it thru V.D. I named it MizarA. for some reason mine doesnt like to save the avi ( when I run it thru V.D.) under the original name so I add an "A" ( or whatever you want). when it starts running thru virtual dub you will get a screen showing its running and when its complete it will return to the original video you started with. Thats it. nothing to it. its ready to run thru Registax.